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Hair Loss Treatments Fredrick MD

By Sarah Butler

Loss of hairs might affect either just the hairs or the entire scalp. The loss might be caused by among other factors medications being used, heredity, hormonal changes or medical conditions. Hair losses can affect children, men and women. There are various ways of dealing with the situation. Some people will prefer to cover the head using makeup whereas others opt for treatment. In consideration of hair loss treatments Fredrick MD residents ought to know the options available.

There are forms of hair loss that can be treated while others cannot because they are permanent. There are various goals of treatment; to hide lost hairs or to encourage new growths. Use of medications is among the most used remedies. This is normally the case when the condition is as a result of underlying diseases. The doctor will prescribe drugs that minimize inflammation in addition to suppressing the immune system.

In the event that there are medications causing the loss, the doctor is likely to advise that you stop the medication. There are two main medications used for treatment. The first is Rogaine. It is rubbed into the scalp twice daily for prevention of further losses. It is used by women and women. With this form of treatment, there are people who will report regrowth while others will experience slower loss of hairs. There are a few people who experience both.

With the use of Rogaine, there are some possible side effects that include irritation of the scalp, unwanted growth of hairs on adjacent skins and increased heart rate. The other medication is Propecia. It is a prescription drug used only by men. It is supposed to be taken every day in pill form. For the best outcomes, the drug must be taken consistently. There however are some rare side effects like increased risk of prostate cancer and diminished sexual drive.

There is also the surgical option. The commonest form of hair loss involves loss of hairs on only on the head. In order to make most use of left hairs, hair restoration or transplanting will be recommended. In this procedure, there will be removal of plugs of skin, with each having a few hairs. These plugs then get implanted into the bald sections of the head. One will be required to take some medications prior and after surgery. A surgery to prevent hair loss can be costly.

The use of hairpieces and wigs is also a possible consideration. They are used as an alternative to medical treatments, or by those whose hairs did not respond to previous treatment. They come in handy in covering permanent or temporary loss. Fortunately, there are wigs that are natural looking in the market. If the losses are because of medical conditions, they might be covered by insurance.

There are also people who opt for laser treatments. The technique uses laser devices that are designed to target follicles of hair b enabling metabolism of the scalp to be enhanced. Therefore, fall of hairs is restricted and in the process hair density is enhanced.

When it comes to choice of which method to use, one needs to go with what works for them. In some instances, a combination of methods is used. This offers the best results.

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