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Benefits Of Metabolism Testing San Mateo

By Harold Kennedy

Food you eat performs many functions. Food does not only keep the body in the right condition, but also it keeps it working. Breathing, digestion and pumping of heart are examples of body processes. It is important to note that these body processes need energy. Energy arises from food. Metabolic reactions take place when food is being converted into energy. To know your metabolic rate you need to undertake Metabolism Testing San Mateo.

People within San Mateo, who are interested in living a happy and healthy life should consider finding out what metabolic reactions are and their effects to body. They also need to comprehend the meaning of basal metabolic rate. Most importantly they ought to know how to perform simple calculations of BMR. This will enable them regulate food they eat. Women estimate their Basal Metabolic Rates by multiplying their body weight by ten, while men multiply body weight by eleven.

Testing is intended to analyze amount of oxygen used by body. Quantity of carbon dioxide produced by body is also determined. In case, your body uses a lot of oxygen, then know that your BMR is high. During energy production process, oxygen and carbohydrates combines. When you measure amount of carbon dioxide produced, you know amount of energy formed by body.

In general terms, if you want to know your resting metabolic rate you need to consult a doctor. There are certain things he or she will want you to do, in order to make your body relaxed. The doctor will then measure your electrocardiogram, carbon dioxide exhaled and oxygen inhaled. This process is normally done in about twenty minutes.

To commence the process you will cover your mouth and your nose using a mask. This is intended to promote accuracy of the process by preventing inhalation of oxygen gas from outside the mask. Specific number of EKG stickers (usually ten) is stuck on chest in order to know the heart rate and also its rhythm. It is important not engage in vigorous activities few hours to procedure, otherwise results will not be accurate.

To prepare well for the test, your doctor will instruct you not to eat at least four hours before the commencement of procedure. Your doctor will advise you not to exercise your body at least four hours prior to test. You will be advised not to consume substances containing caffeine three hours prior to test. Doctor will require you to arrive at venue on time while relaxed. Doctor will require you to wear loose cloth for easy access of chest.

When you know your BMR your nutritionist or your doctor will help you come up with appropriate program for the good of your health. In case, results show that there is need of losing weight, he or she will guide you on what to do in order to lose, gain or maintain weight.

Although the procedure is beneficial to every individual, some people need it more than others. Best candidates of procedure are those who intend to lose, maintain and gain weight. People wishing to improve their physical fitness and those suffering from diabetes or even sleep apnea are potential candidates of procedure.

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