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The Relevance Of Soy Products For Menopause Relief

By Jeffery Wilson

Menopause has been considered as one of the stressful periods a woman can undergo due to the rapid decrease in estrogen level. The thoughts of exhibiting a decreased sex drive, appearance of hot flashes and an increase in abdominal fats really turns them off. As a result, many of them look for ways of controlling its occurrence, including considering soy products for hot flashes.

During menopause, hot flashes have constantly made such women uncomfortable. In order to deal with this symptom, the goods come in handy. This is because they contain some substances called isoflavens. These are usually plant based substances whose properties can be likened to estrogen. They help in binding carious estrogen receptors in the body of the woman. By so doing, the presence of hot flashes reduces significantly.

The next importance of the products has to do with body fats. During menopause, women tend to exhibit an increase as far as abdominal fats are concerned. Soy products have low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. When consumed, accumulation of abdominal fats is rapidly reduced. The overall cardiovascular health of such a person also improves greatly.

Consuming soy milk is far much better than taking in milk from a cow. This is due to the fact that soy milk has less sugar level. In a single cup, an individual is able to consume about twelve grams sugar when he or she takes milk from cows. On the other hand, he or she will only take in seven grams of sugar in the same serving. This has contributed to weight loss especially for a woman during the menopause period.

It is also vital to note that daily consumption upsets the digestive system. This may not be universally correct since others women attest to this fact whereas others do not. Regardless of this, experts recommend that it should be used throughout the day and not all at once. Using it all at once has been considered the main reason of causing such stomach upsets. This will come a long way in reducing the chances of stomach upsets.

However, in as much as you are utilizing the soy products, it is essential to avoid the use of various supplements. The supplements may pose spontaneous health implications. Experts advise that people utilize soy as compared to supplements. Another thing to note is that, not all products have got the soy protein in them.

Many may ask the specific locations of getting these products. The answer here is that they can be bought directly from malls or food vending stores. Immediately, they are bought, they need to be maintained as airtight as possible. As for the case of canned beans, you should find the one which has no additive or even salt. The good thing with theme is that they last up to three days in a refrigerator without going bad.

One particular safety concern most people fail to recognize is that the beans have an allergen. This is known as goitrogen. It works by interfering with the functionality of the thyroid glands. Women with adverse allergic reactions to the products are advised to look for other was of countering their menopause symptoms. Not heeding to this advice may catapult into adverse complications that may threaten their overall health.

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