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Finding Soy Shakes For Menopause

By Leon Seabrook

A large number of women will suffer from some discomfort and mood swings during the female menopause and will seek medical solutions. In some cases your doctor will be able to prescribe a course of medicine that will help to suppress the unpleasant symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes. A large number of women are now choosing natural solutions and when you are searching for shakes for menopause you should do a little research.

Various drugs are frequently prescribed by doctors to women who are suffering discomfort. The most common medication is HRT and this has been successful for a lot of sufferers. Many women after using HRT have suffered adverse side effects and so they may want to try natural approaches to help them.

Soy milk has become popular for a lot of women and they are now taking it regularly to help with discomforts caused by the female menopause. Because it is very high in estrogens it may help to stop the flashes and night sweats. Although professional medical bodies have not yet approved its use many physicians are now advising their patients to use this treatment.

There have been some studies to determine whether taking soy on a regular basis is bad for the health. It has been reported that some who have been using it for a while may suffer from some digestive problems but the symptoms are generally mild. Other reports have stated that taking soy regularly can increase the risks of cancer and women who have had breast cancer in the past have been advised not to use this product in their diets.

There are a few different places where you can purchase soy shakes and a large number of large supermarkets and pharmacy stores will stock them. You are also able to find health food retailers on many high street and they also sell the drinks. Some people will want to buy the milk and make their own shakes as they can make them to suit their personal tastes.

You are also able to purchase your drinks from one of the many online suppliers that can be found when browsing the web. The web sites for the suppliers are worth looking at for some good information on the products and the benefits of using them. Some web sites will have a testimonials section which allows you to read customer reviews on the various products sold.

When you are using alternative therapies to combat unpleasant symptoms there are some important things to consider. After taking the products for a while and there is no noticeable improvement then it maybe not the remedy for you. If it produces good results and there are no side effects then there is no reason why you should not continue using the shakes.

Any alternative therapy can have side effects and your doctor should be consulted before starting any treatments. If you are in good health, eat sensibly and exercise you will respond to treatments better. There is a lot of information and facts regarding the use of soy online and in books and you should read this to learn more about the treatment.

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