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College Softball Recruiting Camps - Be Prepared To Be At Your Best

By Richard Adams

Are you looking to play college softball? Do you want to make sure you continue playing after your high school days are over? If so, you need to understand college softball recruiting process and how you can get ahead of your competition. There are hundreds of universities out there who need skilled and talented players. How do these schools find the players they need?

Here are some steps that are recommend you take to give yourself the best chance of actually getting a scholarship or an offer to play at the university level.

Put all your documents in order. You need to become really good at documenting all your success and accomplishments. Keep any articles or other documentation that show your accomplishments on the field. Arrange them in order from your oldest to your very latest achievements so that it is clear for the recruiters to follow them up.

Try to get as much game film as you possibly can showing you in action while playing your best. The more film you have, the more selective you can be about what game film you will send to a coach or post online for him or her to watch. Coaches want to see you in action in order to compare you to other university softball recruits they have on their radar and determine the level at which you are and your abilities as a whole.

Grades - With so many good recruits available to coaches, grades are extremely important. Contrary to what many friends and other so called "experts" tell you, grades are very important. Coaches want players who can stay academically qualified to play, so if two players have pretty equal talent yet one has far better grades, which one do you think gets offered the spot on the roster?

Visit The Schools that you have your eye on joining. Coaches take their interest in you a step higher when you get out and visit them. Going to visit a school and meeting the coaching staff can really raise your chances of getting an offer and put you ahead of the other university softball recruits.

Stay In Contact with prospect recruiters. The most important advice is to keep the lines of communication open with coaches. Send them periodic updates on the progress of your team and your accomplishments. Don't make the coach wonder if you are still interested in playing for him or her. Staying in contact can keep you from falling off the radar of university coaches unnecessarily.

After leaving these recruiting camps, you can take your chances of being recruited to an even higher level. How? Glad you asked! You can do that by marketing and promoting yourself to university coaches. Coaches at all division levels need good players who are also good students. When you make direct contact with coaches, you could end up being just the student athlete they are looking for. The recruiting camps are a good way to get exposure. An even better way to make sure you get the attention of college coaches is to contact them directly. Direct contact is the best way to make sure coaches know about you and what you can potentially do for their program.

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