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5 Reasons Why Strength Training Program Santa Cruz CA Fails In Season Rugby

By Roger Cooper

These days, choosing a suitable strength training program can be very difficult because of the presence of what seems like a gazillion health and fitness gurus each with his own method that promises to burn fat and build muscles. What's worse is that many of these techniques conflict one another. With clever marketing and advertising strategies, people are easily lured into following a program with the hopes that it will be the one that will give them the body of their dreams. Read along for an effective strength training program Santa Cruz CA.

No Strength Training In Season. Sadly, this is far too common in rugby circles. Players who are reluctant to energy train at the best of times will almost certainly never touch a weight in season. Even worse is a player who works hard to improve their energy in the off season, then simply stops in season. Rugby is a brutal sport both physically and physiologically. If players don't at least attempt to maintain their power during the season, they will fall a long way behind after five months.

I have to admit that large muscles, as seen on established and professional women bodybuilders certainly don't look particularly lady-like. But that look is only gained via steroid taking. A good energy training practice for women is definitely not going to give you that look at all. So don't start panicking.

Setting up an energy drilling practice is pretty easy, you just need to do some research. First of all you need to know what you are capable of. You shouldn't push yourself too hard to begin with because you can end up hurting yourself rather than helping yourself. If you aren't able to do 20 pull ups then don't try to force it, just do as many as you can and with time will come the ability to do more and more.

Too Light Weights. At the other end of the spectrum are players who automatically lighten the loads which they lift in season. While you certainly won't be setting PBs every week, it is important to go relatively heavy throughout the season. This will obviously depend on each player's physical state and recovery from practice and matches each week. You might still work up to a 3-5RM but leave a rep or few kilos in the tank depending on how you feel during that particular session.

Of course, correct eating and general levels of physical activity are key to a fat burning lifestyle. Correct eating habits are crucial to weight loss success it goes without saying. You actually need an intake of energy to reduce fat - but from the proper foods. Unhealthy foods just won't help in attaining your physical fitness and health ambitions.

Strength training is great for anyone and all you need to do is set out a schedule for yourself and get to work. Other than strength training, you should consider including cardio as part of your weekly exercise routine.

There you have five common problems with in season rugby strength training programs. Avoid them and you will be well on your way success both on and off the field.

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