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What Having An Epidural Steroid Injection Houston Is All About

By David Adams

An irritation especially one that occurs along the spinal nerves can be very uncomfortable. Such irritation is usually accompanied by a lot of pain which usually can result in a lot of discomfort. A common procedure done in order to treat this is usually by getting an epidural steroid injection Houston so as to sooth and gets rid of the pain.

Getting sedated is usually a very simple procedure involving first the numbing of the area around where the needle will go through. This is done by injecting a local anesthesia. After sedation, the procedure usually takes very few minutes. It involves injecting the epidural steroid into the spinal cord. The number of injections to be administered usually depends on how responsive one is to the treatment after receiving the first injection.

The procedure for one to get an epidural injection is usually very simple and does not require one to undergo surgery as its known to be the fear of most people. The first step is injecting a local anesthesia that will prevent one from feeling intense pain when the injection is done to the spinal cord. After complete numbing on the area, the injection containing the epidural steroids is slowly injected into the spinal cord. Within after a few minutes one can comfortably walk home.

There are few risks involved if one undergoes the procedure however it is not fault proof. The skin usually contains some bacteria and when such bacteria are introduced into the spine by the injection, it can result in infections that can lead to serious complications such as meningitis. Dural puncture has also been reported among some patients with some even complaining of bleeding.

Side effects have also been reported in a few of these patients. The most common of them all have been arthritis, ulcers and even cataracts have also been reported among patience. In mild cases some patients have reported allergies as a result of x rays radiation they are exposed to during the procedure.

Incase one experiences this side effects and complications such as bleeding, they should immediately consult the doctor as spinal related complications can be life threatening and result in paralysis. In some situations even brain damage. Mild side effects such as a head aches can be treated by one getting enough rest usually in a sleeping position. Movements should be avoided while one is resting ensuring one is well hydrated during the whole process.

One should do proper research and only agree to get the procedure done if they are certain that the medical practitioner performing it is well qualified. The spinal cord is usually a very delicate part of the body and slight injuries can result in paralysis of the full body or some of the organs which in most cases is permanent.

With the procedure done in a professional manner the patient is sure to experience relief from previous pain experienced and fully heal from the injection. The epidural steroid injection as a result of its efficiency in relieving spinal pain has thus become very common not only among the old but also the middle aged people in our society.

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