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See How A Charlotte Upper Cervical Chiropractor Alleviates Shoulder And Arm Pain

By Jonathan Aban

It is usually the case that arm and shoulder pain start right in the neck. This is called referred pain in the chiropractic profession and it is often caused by spinal subluxations that are pressing down on the discs responsible for controlling the nerves.

Due to this fact, an upper cervical chiropractor Charlotte locals can hire is often the best professional for addressing stubborn pain in the shoulder or arm. State of the art techniques such as the atlas orthogonal and activator methods can resolve neck problems responsible for this discomfort, thereby making it possible for people to stop using painkillers that do little more than mute their symptoms, cause side effects and create addiction.

An experienced chiropractor can also help you with postural and movement problems as well as problems pertaining to your sleeping position that could be the source of your discomfort - this will limit the likelihood of your having your injury recur.

Although significant disc problems cannot generally be completely resolved, chiropractic care can relieve symptoms and slow degeneration. All of this means that anyone with shoulder and arm pain should talk to a reputable and experienced chiropractor.

Chiropractors can also look at the joints of the shoulder and arm for more local issues, and prescribe exercises that help with shoulder and arm problems. They may be able to help delay or avoid surgery - which can result in extended downtime and sometimes make the overall issue worse instead of better.

Some of the most modern and innovative chiropractic therapies are precisely calculated and performed with instruments as opposed to the hands-on approach that involves cracking, kneading and pulling. These methods can be painless and patients may not be able to feel them at all. If you currently suffer from pain in your shoulder or arm, then talking with a trusted Charlotte chiropractor will help you learn more about how this professional can bolster your health and alleviate your symptoms.

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