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After Treatment From A Spine Doctor Houston Patients Often Live Pain Free

By Mary Brooks

The body is a miraculous machine but malfunctions do occur, mostly through unhealthy habits. When the body wants to make it clear that there is a problem it sends the signal through pain, numbness and other manifestations. Pain, however, is not always experienced at the same place where the problem exist. Headaches, for example, may originate from many different sources. This make diagnosis very difficult. However, when seeing a spine doctor Houston residents often report immediate and almost miraculous results.

Practitioners that specializes in the backbone are properly called chiropractors. The majority of their patients complain of severe back pain. Chiropractors believe that the pain is caused by a backbone where the vertebrae are not perfectly aligned. Their main focus is therefore on the alignment of the backbone. This form of treatment is classified as alternative medicine and practitioners do not need to be qualified traditional doctors.

Chiropractors do not treat only back pain, but all types of neuro skeletal ailments. They see patients that suffer from arthritic pain, swollen and sore joints, sports injuries, muscle injuries and neck pain, to name just a few. They do not eschew medical practices and will refer their clients to medical doctors if they deem it necessary. Many chiropractors are qualified doctors themselves.

The alignment of the backbone is central to the theories underpinning chiropractic treatment. When the vertebrae are not properly aligned the ventral nervous system is compromised. This in turn weakens the immune system. Therefore, as soon as the vertebrae are aligned again the nervous system will function normally and the immune system will be able to do its work. This will cause the patient to heal naturally and the pain will dissipate.

The treatment technique employed by the chiropractor will depend upon the nature and severity of the complaint. However, the aim is always to align the backbone. It may sometimes be necessary to physically manipulate each vertebra back into its place but very often the same result can be achieved with a massage or by the use of hot or cold compresses.

Studies, and there have been many of them, have failed to find any form of danger in chiropractic treatment. In fact, most studies have recorded astonishing results. Patients never develop complications such as dangerous infections because the treatment is never invasive, like surgery, for example. In addition, chiropractors never use drugs and the patients are therefore not subject to potentially harmful side effects. The cost of treatment is normally covered by medical insurance policies.

Practitioners place a high value on preventive measures and they spend time reaching their patients how to avoid the backbone from misalignment. Patients are encouraged to stretch regularly and to adopt an exercise routine that consist of low impact exercises such as cycling, walking and slimming. Yoga can also help to improve muscle tone and flexibility. Maintaining the correct posture times is also important.

It comes as no surprise to learn that many patients prefer to consult a chiropractor first when they are in pain or when they feel unwell. Chiropractors enjoy a tremendously high rate of patient approval and satisfaction. It is no wonder that the popularity of chiropractic treatment has rocketed.

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