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How Neck Pain Sufferers Get Relief With Stockbridge GA Chiropractor

By Elinor Hain

A person can become stiff, sore, and frustrated when neck discomfort interrupts daily life. A Stockbridge GA chiropractor may be able to help.

How Common Is Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain strikes millions of people every year. Statistics show that neck pain alone accounts for 15% of all pain related complaints. What makes neck pain so common? One reason may be because the neck is so sensitive. Ligaments, muscles, and tendons can all become strained, which aggravates the nerve endings in the area. This can lead to soreness and stiffness. Plus, the neck houses 24 individual vertebrae. If just one of them becomes misaligned due to a sudden jolt or accident, severe pain can develop.

Can Chiropractic Help?

Mainstream doctors usually prescribe pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs to soothe discomforts. Since these tend only the symptoms, and not the root cause, of the issue, the relief is often short term.

What makes the chiropractic approach different is that it gets to the source of the problem. It uses natural techniques for permanent relief.

Understanding Chiropractic Care.

The first time you visit your Stockbridge GA Chiropractor, he will do a complete medical exam. Don't be surprised if x-rays are also taken to help the doctor determine the location and extent of your injury. Once the doctor determines the true cause of your neck pain, he will devise an approach plan that could utilize a variety of healing methods.

Manual spinal manipulation is the primary means of chiropractic health, doctors might include other approaches like ultrasound therapy, trigger point or deep tissue massage techniques, and specific exercises, to realign vertebrae, loosen muscle tissue, and reduce inflammation. Using several methods at once can correct the problem on multiple levels, eliminating pain and restoring mobility.

No one needs to spend even one more day dealing with the inconvenience of neck pain. There is help readily available. A local chiropractic office can provide information on how they can assist with reducing this type of discomfort, and correcting issues related to spinal dysfunction.

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