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Hip Pain Relief From A Denver CO Chiropractor

By Angeleah Mae Zerna

Many people suffer with hip pain. A Denver CO chiropractor may be able to help. As an individual ages, they are likely to experience this discomfort as the result of osteoarthritis, and it can eventually escalate to the point of joint replacement. It may also be caused by the bursitis becoming inflamed due to a fall, injury, or overuse.

Hip pain may be the result of conditions such as spinal degeneration, sciatica, hernia, or a dysfunction in the sacroiliac joints. Individuals who are experiencing this type of discomfort may possibly benefit from chiropractic care. After conducting a thorough examination, the doctor will be able to determine whether their techniques will be an efficient means of addressing the patient's specific issue, or if another type of physician would be better suited to the task.

As chiropractors do not prescribe drugs, they will not give you painkillers, but rather work to reduce your dependence on them and, ideally, slow down joint degeneration that might lead to surgery.

Every patient will receive a personalized chiropractic plan of approach based on the specifics of their situation, lifestyle needs, overall health, and age.

The plan is likely to include a variety of techniques, including massage therapy, spinal and hip joint adjustments, and specific exercises designed to help restore mobility. The doctor might also provide their patient with advice on how to improve their posture, ways to avoid pain by alternating periods of standing and sitting, as well as how daily activities can be done so as to reduce joint strain.

Anyone with pain in their hips may want to consider consulting a chiropractic practitioner, or asking their primary physician's opinion on the subject as many mainstream doctors do recognize the benefits of this type of care when it comes to joint and back pain. The goal of this field of medicine is to help one regain their pain-free mobility.

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