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What Can A Short Pump VA Chiropractor Do For You?

By Princess Smith

Chiropractors have many different alignment and manipulation options at their disposal that they can use to help relieve neck pain. One of the more popular option is commonly referred to as gentle chiropractic touch. There are several reasons the gentle touch chiropractic technique may be preferred over the more traditional high-velocity adjustment with some Short Pump VA chiropractor.

This is often a great choice for a lot of people because it does not include the traditional neck popping that so many fear or do not understand. Although it gives the basic pain relieving feelings, it is about low impact adjustments and alignments.

It does work great and many professionals are starting to realize its benefits. They can attract those that would not normally consider getting a traditional adjustment or alignment.

The new technique is often a great choice for patients that have had past injuries to the back. The high impact adjustments may not be a good choice for those that have osteoporosis or recent broken or cracked vertebrae. Those would do better with the gentle touch technique in order to allow those injuries to heal and cause less pain.

Other conditions the event of recent or acute trauma and injuries that are still healing.During acute inflammatory phases of some medical conditions.When spinal instability may be a factor in patient care.When spinal material or bones are affected by cancer tumors or metastasis. Cauda equina-like syndrome or similar conditions that compress the spine.Spinal infections and swellings.Unstable fractures or unhealed breaks.Sever muscle pains and tears or strains.

There are professional technicians and doctors that can show you the benefits of the gentle touch alignment and answer any questions and concerns you may have. Find one that is in your area and make appointment to learn more.

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