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The Importance Of Endurance Coaching And Training

By Jose Edwards

When signing up for exercise assistance, there are often many ways to do so. One can go to a local gym or community center or hire a personal trainer offering endurance coaching. While hiring a personal trainer can often be more expensive, those having gone through this training often have far more strength and stamina than others.

In addition, this type exercise also promotes the ability to recover from, withstand and have immunity against fatigue, wounds and trauma. While most often used in aerobics, it applies to all workouts which work to strengthen the body. In general, a long work out session will build the most stamina over time.

One word that is often used in conjunction with this type training is "long, " as in long workouts. While this is the case, it should be noted that the word carries different definitions when it comes to endurance. For example, it can refer to minutes for higher intensity programs, and days or weeks for lower ones.

Individuals moving through this type program often work out for hours at a time. During the process, those whom are most successful often increase work out hours on a regular basis. For example, an individual might only be able to work out for two hours a day, then later add an additional two hours to make workouts four hours a day. In doing so, it becomes clear that the individual has built more strength and stamina than at the start of the program.

While runners often experience the benefits of endorphin release, so too those who participate in endurance training. Endorphins are chemicals which produce a natural high in those who perform strenuous exercise routines, run or weight lift on a regular basis. The chemicals also aid in limiting symptoms of anxiety, chronic disease and depression while creating an overall sense of happiness at the time of release.

Stamina has been shown to assist in strengthening the lining of the heart and muscle mass. However, there have been no studies which show that exercise can eliminate ongoing heart disease. In fact, anyone diagnosed with issues related to the heart need first check with a health care provider before beginning any such program. After which, the individual might often need to be monitored on an ongoing basis to assure the heart stays healthy throughout the process.

The ultimate consequence of adapting this type training as part of a regular lifestyle is that it creates a slower utilization of muscle mass and decreases blood glucose levels. By doing sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks on a regular basis, results will be realized much faster than with simple weight training. After which, the body also has an easier time absorbing nutrients.

Endurance can also refer to the ability to maintain a positive attitude during times of grief, hardship and stress. Whereas, stamina is often only associated with exercise. At the same time, both refer to the ability to build strength while adding more repetition to workout routines over a period of time.

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