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How To Train Effectively For San Antonio Half Marathon

By Susan Cox

Crossing the finish line in a race requires consistent practice as well as energy. Your body should be acclimated to muscle intensive exercises days before the race begins. Your body also needs enough rest after every training session. There are several factors to consider when preparing for a typical San Antonio half marathon.

You can commence your training by coming up with a mileage base on a weekly basis. This mileage base should state the number of miles you seek to cover every week as you train. Start by setting a daily mileage of five miles. Most new and upcoming runners normally assume that training will guarantee success in a race. However, finishing a race in time requires consistency and commitment in training.

Increase the mileage slowly as each week passes. The more mileage you cover during training, the more your body adapts to running long races. Choose a training plan of about fourteen weeks. If it is your first time to participate in a half marathon, choose a longer plan for your body to adapt well to the training.

Note that training plans can be classified based on the duration they take and content covered. Consequently, the amount of time you take to complete every training session also determines how effective the session will be. However, most time consuming physical exercises can be tedious. This may also result to physical injuries. Ensure that you enough rest and train wisely to avoid physical injuries.

Another important fact that you should know is that your ability to cover several miles within a specified timeframe depends on your speed. The other reason of training is to increase your speed. To avoid fatigue, train on how you can balance your running pace. Start running with a slow pace and then increase it gradually as you take deep breaths. Breathing enables you to acquire the right amount of oxygen required for energy production within your body.

There are several cross training approaches you can adopt that do not involve running. These include bicycle riding and swimming. These approaches can be used to change your body form while acting as physical fitness exercises. Your stability when running depends on how your legs and backbone are aligned. These alternative approaches can enable your muscle system to gain the stability needed for you to participate in half marathon races.

Train with friends or family members as a way of staying committed to your training plans. Joining a training group headed by a proficient trainer can also motivate you to press on especially when you think of giving up. Training for a race is a muscle intensive activity. You need colleagues to constantly cheer you up any time you make progress.

Research on the race before it begins to be familiar with where it is hosted and how it will be conducted. In most cases, information about half marathons is usually available on the internet. Browse the web to determine the venue of the race as well as kind of energy drinks that runners will be given. Never consume a sports drink you are unfamiliar with that is given in the race. Assess the topography of the venue where the race will be hosted to determine if there are hilly slopes on its race tracks.

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