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By Opting For Yoga Reno Residents Opt For Holistic Growth

By Elizabeth Edwards

When Asana was first introduced in the united States and Canada during the last few years of the eighteenth century by an Indian philosopher nobody thought that it would become so popular that millions of people would practice this philosophy in the years to come. It is a unique philosophy that aims to help people to improve their bodies, mind and spirits, all at the same time. By taking up yoga Reno residents often report dramatic improvements in the quality of their lives.

Many people still misunderstand the central concept of Asana. Some think that it is a strange new form of exercise. Many others think that it is a religion based upon Hinduism. None of this is true. Instead, Asana is a philosophy that promotes the holistic development of the minds, spirit and body of its practitioners. It aims at personal growth, contentment, increased health and happiness.

It is true that practitioners of Asana strive towards mastering certain poses and exercises. Mastering these, however, is not the central aim of this philosophy. The exercises and poses merely serve as tools to assist in developing the individual concerned. It is also important that Asana has no central set of rules or practices. Some forms of Asana is more strenuous whilst other approaches focus more closely upon spiritual growth.

One of the attractions of this philosophy is that it is not competitive in any way. Practitioners progress and grow at their own pace. They only learn new poses and exercises when they feel ready for them and they are never under pressure to do more than they want to. Another attraction is the fact that almost everyone can practice Asana, even physically disabled people, older people and youngsters.

Empirical studies of Asana has shown that this philosophy holds many health benefits. Patients with high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, some forms of cancer and depression, to name just a few have benefited from practising Asana. Practitioners find that they are calmer, more subtle, fitter and more positive about life when they regularly perform their exercises and routines. They also benefit greatly from the social interaction with others in their group.

One of the great attractions of Asana is that there is no need for special gear or uniform. In fact, it is easy to become involved and it does not require any form of financial investment. Many people start on their own. However, experts advise beginners to join at least a few classes at first. Other benefits include the fact that injuries are extremely rare and that entire families can participate together.

Those that wants to get started in this philosophy will quickly find that there is no shortage of aids and resources. There are numerous books, videos and on line sites that teaches the basics. It is important, however, to remember that there are many branches in this philosophy and beginners should seriously consider their own personal needs before adopting a specific approach to Asana.

Millions of people all over the world have taken to yoga. They claim that this philosophy has improved their lives. They feel fitter, happier and emotionally stable. It seems as if there can be little doubt that Asana will not only remain popular but keep growing in popularity.

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