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How To Ready For The Alamo Half Marathon

By Edward Kelly

Getting ready for a long distance race is never an easy affair. World renowned runners always put in months of hard work. As such, it is your sacrifice and commitment that will see you get to the finish line. Whether you may be taking part in the Alamo half marathon for charity or for the thrill of racing, you ought to take time to prepare for it. Here are a few things you should include in your training routine.

For starters, you should be fully aware of your limits before you begin training. Know the exercises that your body is normally accustomed to. When you spot your weaknesses, knowing how to overcome them becomes easy. For instance, if you have a problem with the muscles in your legs every time you exercise, seek advice from a qualified personal trainer on how to go about it. Even better, enroll for regular exercise sessions at a gym. Gyms always have quality training equipment.

Marathons are all about running. You do not solely have to be muscular to complete one. All it takes is stamina. In essence, you can only build on your stamina by starting your training regimen a year before the event kicks off. With the event scheduled to kick off in about nine months, you should have plenty of time to condition yourself for it.

According to experienced trainers, the best runners in the world started by running short distances every day. In marathon training, short distances start from about three miles going upwards. Begin by going on three mile runs every day. Gradually increase this mileage to six miles or more.

Once you get used to it, shift your focus to long runs. A long run should typically be anything upwards of seven miles. Do so once every week. Raise this distance till you exceed nine miles.

In track events, speed is of vital significance. At times, a world champion may concede victory to a junior competitor because of the time he chooses to increase his pace. It is better to increase your pace later on in the race as opposed to when it starts. The best time to do so is just as you approach the finish line. With practice, no challenge will be too difficult to overcome.

The meals you take always affect the metabolism in your body. Avoid fatty foods as they may induce fatigue and a feeling of laziness. Instead, go for meals that are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates you consume should give you sufficient energy to run the entire race.

Furthermore, make sure you are never dehydrated. During the event, organizers may place water stations at strategic locations along the race route. Practice simulating this as you train to avoid getting surprised on the big day. All in all, you must have a fighting spirit if you hope to succeed. The effort you put in training is never complete without a will.

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