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Why You Need A Hockey Mask

By Larry Li

Why is a hockey mask so important? In field hockey, you spend almost all of the match without a face mask at all. You will not be permitted to wear one for all of the game, that is unless you have a serious health requirement. So just why, if a player goes up to have a penalty corner shot, is the mask bought into play? Why dopes the face mask suddenly become such a big deal for coaches, players and parents?

Actually, there is no question here. You're immediately put into a circumstance where you have to be alert, face the ball, face the player head on and become the back up for your goalie. You want to focus on stopping the ball. And once that hockey ball comes towards you at full speed, you might not have time to duck out of the way. In normal game play, it's less probable that you should be face on with the ball on its way towards you directly. If this does happen in ordinary gameplay, it's likely you'll be a bit further away from the ball when compared to a penalty shot and you should therefore have more time to get out of the way. Use a Hockey Mask and focus on saving the ball. It's better than taking a hit!

If you view it that way, it's much easier to understand why the face mask has fast become so widespread and so popular. Many of the key hockey manufacturers sell a hockey mask. And if you want a certain style, it's probably on the market. There is very likely a brand which thought about that design and style first. Tinted plastic? Sure. Multi-coloured patterned foam backing? Naturally. Space for eyeglasses? In certain variations, yes this is available. How about a junior model instead of just one sizing only? Yes the hockey companies got there before you.

Needless to say, each of these various designs and colourful options are insignificant. The goal of the masks is security so to be honest, colour makes no difference. What is important is the use of impact-resistant, hard plastic material which takes the impact of a hockey ball into the facial area. Time after time if it must! A good fit as well as some high density foam is additionally necessary. Don't have on a mask which does not fit you. This is not smart in the slightest.

Shop with a dependable company and buy from a well-known brand name you should not get it wrong in picking your masks. There are lots of different designs to pick from but as I explained, protection is the most important part. Keep more than simply the rear of the net safe through the penalty corner!

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