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Important Information On Weight Loss Marlborough MA Patients Need To Be Aware Of

By Anthony Mitchell

Voluntary weight loss is one of the most difficult things to achieve. The main reason as to why this is the case, is because one has to give up some things they love on their way to achieving their ideal weight. The list of options that can be used in this endeavor has continued to grow by the day. There are a number of things on weight loss Marlborough MA clients need to be aware of.

Lifestyle options are usually the starting point. When you first see your doctor with a weight problem, they will advise that you improve on your diet by reducing the amount of fat and protein you consume and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables. The number of servings per meal should be reduced progressively. Replace few heavy meals with smaller meals taken more frequently to avoid ending up with excess calories.

The next area of the lifestyle that should be addressed is physical exercise. Exercise is needed to burn excess calories from eaten food which prevents its conversion to adipose tissue. If you have not been exercising, you can start slowly with regular light jogging or brisk walking and increase the intensity steadily over time. The target should be engaging in at least 30 minutes of intense physical activity on 3 to 5 days in a week.

Surgery is usually done when lifestyle modification options are ineffective. Bariatric surgery is a term used to describe any operation that is used to reduce body weight. Examples of such operations include sleeve gastrectomy, lap-band gastric surgery and gastric bypass surgery. The type of operation chosen is determined by the nature of the problem. The operation may be considered as the first option in case there are already serious complications.

Among the three, lap-band surgery is the commonest. Lap band surgery is conducted using a specialized instrument known as a laparoscope that allows for the use of small incisions. Smaller incisions mean that the risk of complications is significantly reduced. To achieve the desired effect, a silicon band is placed on a part of the stomach where it causes compression and reduces the stomach volume. The result of this is a reduction in the amount of food that one can eat during one meal.

Sleeve gastrectomy is similar to lap band surgery in many respects. For instance, they both result in a significant reduction in the size of the stomach and both cause reduced food intake. The main difference between them is that lap-band surgery, unlike sleeve gastrectomy, is reversible. Sleeve gastrectomy involves the surgical resection of a large part of the stomach (up to 80%) leaving a small tubular structure.

There are a number of cosmetic surgical operations that may also help in weight reduction. Tummy tuck is among those that have been very beneficial. It involves the removal of excess fat found in the abdominal wall (tummy) and tightening the skin simultaneously. Another important surgery in this category is liposuction which involves the removal of fat in different body parts such as buttocks, thighs, the neck and the abdominal wall.

Losing weight should be looked at as a process rather than a single event. A multi-factorial approach is more effective than using just one method to achieve the desired effect. Surgery should only be considered as a last resort except in instances where the weight has led to serious complications. Such may include sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure and gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

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