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7 Triathlon Training Tips By Specialists

By Douglas Bailey

Triathlon events around the world are receiving more participants by the day. Many people register and begin preparing for the big day but only a few enjoy the outcome or achieve expected results. Some end up injured and have to begin life a fresh after this frustration. The outcome you get depends on the triathlon training program you undertake. According to accomplished athletes and sporting scientists, there are tips that will enable you achieve desired goals.

Each race is different and requires a unique approach. Every athlete is thus expected to prepare with a special focus on the upcoming event. Triathlons are more than enduring intensive hours of training. Victory or successful completion comes from conditioning your muscles to handle the strenuous feel of triathlons. This will make you a more competitive athlete.

While intense training prepares you for the race, this should not be your daily focus. It will tire the muscles during practice and lead to poor results during competition. Work with a professional to prepare a structured high and low intensity workout program. The program should take to account the amount of training your heart can take. This pressure and release alternation enables you to regain your strength after being worn out in order to maximize your ability in different stages during competition.

Take easy training as serious as the intensified one. Many athletes fail to assign seriousness to low intensities during workout. However, they have a psychological reward that boosts your performance during long drawn competitions. The rewards include better fat mobilization which ensures sufficient energy supply, increase in capillary density for better blood supply and waste removal, development of heart stroke enhancing cardiac output and increasing energy storage and production in muscles. It takes a professional to maximize on low intensity workouts.

Hiring a coach helps you tap into benefits that can never be enjoyed working alone. A coach enables you to identify your limit. You may work with a real coach or professionally prepared videos and podcasts. It is easier to identify your strengths and weaknesses when working with a coach. By learning your limits, you will easily plan and implement your conquest during competition.

Avoid paying a lot of attention on speed at the expense of endurance. This will help you maintain a constant speed which is key to winning triathlons. Identify your rate of pace regression. This will give you an idea of performance over the long period. It is muscular endurance that wins triathlons and not speed.

Triathlon is not all about fun. You are likely to end up bruised and severely injured if you make fun of such an intense process. Find the right training shoes and gear for each sport. The intensity involved makes it a professional endeavor. This means that you must also learn the rules that govern competitions. It makes no sense to invest time and money in something you will not take seriously.

Beginners are anxious during preparation and will extend activity to the last minute. This denies the body the recovery period and the energy needed to make the final push to victory. Your preparation should enable you finish the race happier, more accomplished and ready to take on the next race.

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