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The Best Herbs For Energy

By Frank Brown

When one is an extremely busy person, he cannot help but feel very drained because of all the work that he is constantly doing during the day time. Now in this case, one would usually rely on coffee or energy drinks for that temporary boost of power however the problem here would be the side effects. Now if one would want to get that extra boost but not suffer the side effects, then he should take some herbs for energy.

Now top one on the list would of course be the most popular of all herbal consumables today known as ginseng. Now ginseng is arguably the best selling herbal medicine today because of its amazing properties that can give people strength. In fact, a lot of energy drinks are made out of ginseng.

Now aside from ginseng, there would also be another also very effective herb that is known as gingko. Now gingko may not be as popular as ginseng but it is also very effective because it can help the body produce a lot of ATP at a short amount of time. Now for those who do not know, ATP is an acronym for adenosine triphosphate which is a chemical that would tell the brain to metabolize glucose which can give the body some strength.

Now for those who have a job that requires a lot of physical movement, then one of the most recommended herbs to take would be cordyceps. Now what makes cordyceps very interesting and very unique is that it increases stamina a lot. So if one is an athlete, he can actually take this herb because it can help him have a lot of endurance especially when he is in a competition.

Now a very good herb that one can take which is not very common is known as ashwagandha. Now this herb is quite unique because instead of giving the usual adrenaline boost, what it would do is that it would actually lessen fatigue which is the root cause of the tiredness. Of course this herb would even help one resist stress.

Now another really good herb that can be used to make tea would be the nettle which is extremely effective but has no side effects. Now the reason behind that is nettles are chock full of vitamins and minerals which would of course help the body. To make it, one just needs to put some nettles into boiling water and leave it overnight.

Now the last and the rarest one is known as the Reishi mushroom. This is an herb that has been used by the Chinese for many years already and can boost energy really fast. It can also boost the immune system of a person too.

So for those who are having a hard time at keeping awake during work, here are some herbs that would help. Now the best thing about these herbs is that there would be no side effects. This is a great alternative to drinking coffee.

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