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Reasons Obese People Have Gastric Banding And Sleeve Gastrectomy

By Kathleen Brown

Many people fear of becoming fat for the bad reputation it receives from the media. It has become epidemic that affects many individuals everyday across the world. Not only does it compromises the health, but it aggravates other medical conditions that an obese man or women already have.

Most age between 2 to 19 years old and about 17 percent are affected by it. Which means that about 12.7 million of youth in New York between those ages are overweight. However knowing if Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectomy are the best type of surgery for kids is still dependent on the advice of a qualified and experienced professional health care worker.

However there are many reasons to find out the type of operation before saying yes to anyway as some are low or high risk in profile. Low risk procedures have minimal post operative complications while high risk ones can tremendously affect the well being of the patient. Though procedures with a higher risks are more effective, but it can lead to serious health ailments if improperly done or failure of the patient to comply with post operative instruction happens.

But obesity is considered when youth and teenager go beyond the ninety five percentile. Differentiating between obesity and overweight is important as these two is not in the same league. Overweight means the person carries extra fat around the body due to lack of exercise, or living a sedentary lifestyle.

However malabsorption prevents nutrients and vitamins from being absored into the body system. This effectively reduces weight loss but complications in both categories are still possible. The highly performed procedure are gastric bypass and only about 20 percent of restrictive operations are made each year.

Patient suffering from diseases of lung and heart who are overweight and obese benefit greatly from this procedure. Because of short operating duration and it does not bypass anything organ, that most surgeons believe that this is more advisable to these groups of patient. However it varies from patient to patient because not everyone can have these procedure, but often times it is performed immediately during one where the liver is too large or scar tissues have lined the intestine that prevents gastric bypass to happen.

LSG is a first stage surgery which means after twelve to eight months gastric bypass can be performed. The reason since most patients who have excessive weights are more exposed to risks and complications than patients who have reduced significantly after LSG. The liver is smaller compared to its original size, and anesthesia is not as dangerous. LSG and gastric bypass is two sensible but different operations made to high risk patients because it lowers further complication.

And about 99 percent of past clients have given their review and feed back during the course of 24 months. Weight loss happens immediately but does not mean it happens overnight. And gradually food consumption is lessened as each passing day goes by.

Beverages such as fizzy drinks, ice cream, and other tasty sweet foods are often sold at price that kids can buy easily. That is why preventing obesity in youth including adults is the job of every bariatric surgeon. However getting in touch with a dietician should be the first priority before consulting a surgeon to have your kids abdominal area opened and operated on.

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