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Local Chiropractic Helps Relieve Neck Pain In Aspen CO

By Melisa Carlucci

Becoming fatigued from regular, toilsome routines can be one of the many causes of an individual's neck pain. The area becomes so stiff that one can hardly turn their head around in any direction. Several techniques are being used by an Aspen CO wellness chiropractor to provide relief to their patients.

Life's simple tasks can become major challenges when an individual finds it difficult to move their head without experiencing great pain. Looking left, right, up or down may not be possible without turning one's entire torso in that direction, keeping the shoulders very stiff. If it goes unattended for long, additional muscles may be affected due to holding so rigidly to avoid discomfort.

Many varied things might be the reason an individual finds themselves in such a predicament. Some of example instances include repetitive movements, stressful conditions, sudden accidents and injuries from sports. Each of these situations have extenuating circumstances that can be the actual cause of the intense pain and stiffness.

Stiffening pain can be brought about by one of many different situations. Among these conditions are nerves that are pinched between misaligned vertebrae in the spine, causing a disruption in normal functions. Other instigators include strained muscles from tension or trauma, stressful conditions or repetitive movements.

Chiropractors deal with pain by using completely natural techniques that use neither surgeries nor drugs. The manual manipulation the spinal bones as a way to free trapped nerves, is the most frequently used technique in this practice. Deep tissue massage might also used in some cases, to ease the tension that has been keeping the muscles stiff.

Each case will be tested, reviewed and discussed prior to making a determination on the approach to use. Multiple diagnostic tools may be employed during this phase including blood work, MRI's and x-rays. The majority of patients report an immediate improvement after just a single session.

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