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Easily Learn About Solutions For Hypothyroidism With Dallas Thyroid Doctor

By Kelly Blomquist

Hypothyroidism occurs when the gland stops producing a proper amount of thyroxine, an essential hormone. People who develop the condition will need to attend it for their entire life if they are to control symptoms and avoid complications. By working with a Dallas thyroid doctor, a course of action can be designed that is best suited to the particular needs of the individual.

This condition is quite common and millions of individuals may have hypothyroidism, a large portion of those are undiagnosed. Although people of all ages and genders can develop this health issue, women are five times more susceptible than men and a person is more likely to contract it as they mature. When the body produces the hormone in abnormally low amounts, the various systems start to slow down.

There are multiple things that could instigate the condition's onset including certain medications and a sever iodine deficiency. The cause that is by far the most common is Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disorder. It is signified by increased glandular inflammation and the prevention of the production of sufficient amounts of the required hormone.

One reason many people do not realize they have it is because the symptoms tend to be non-specific and are usually assumed to be part of something else. Examples of these are constipation, depression, cold intolerance, fatigue, muscle cramps, hair loss, dry skin, high cholesterol and swollen legs. The signs may become more pronounced and come with a noticeable lag in one's metabolism as the situation grows worse.

If there is suspicion that a person has hypothyroidism, their physician will conduct blood tests to confirm. These results can verify the existence of this condition but not the issue that is causing it. Reviewing the patient's complete clinical history, system scanning, antibody screening and MRI's are a few diagnostic means that might be utilized to determine the root cause.

The simplest and most efficient method of addressing this issue is completely replacing the missing hormone. This is something that will need to continue for the person's entire life. If not left unattended, one is likely to develop severe problems involving their heart and lungs.

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