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Las Vegas Chiropractor Eases Slipped Disc Pain Safely

By Rae Patricio

Certainly some of the most common problems seen by chiropractors these days are disc-related. Slipped discs (or bulging or herniated discs, depending on which terminology is used) can be a source of considerable pain and discomfort for many sufferers. A Henderson NV chiropractor is able to alleviate disc-related symptoms in safe, natural ways that do not rely on drugs or surgery.

Although discs can become displaced at any part of the spine, they most often do so in the lumbar (lower) or cervical (upper/neck) parts. The discs sit between each vertebrae and contain a soft nucleus within a fibrous outer shell. If this outer part becomes torn, the nucleus can protrude outwards and press on the spinal nerves and produce pain, numbness, weakness and tingling.

When it comes to caring for patients with disc issues chiropractors have a number options. The type of care given will very much depend upon the individual and his or her particular problem. For simple pain relief, heat application from a wrap, infra-red light or an ultrasound device can prove highly beneficial.

Heat penetrates deeply into tissues, relaxing them and enhancing blood flow. This can often provide tremendous relief for those in pain. Heat also enhances healing as the increased blood flow supplies more oxygen to injured areas.

To aid pain relief and disc healing in the longer-term, chiropractors will often apply manipulation of the spine. This is a method of correcting any displacements of the vertebrae by pressing them back into position. When the spine once again has it's correct shape, any undue pressure on its structure is relieved.

Also, when the spine's vertebrae are correctly aligned, any herniated discs will be drawn back into their correct position. This will take the disc (s) away from the spinal nerves and also facilitate the healing process. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year depending on the individual.

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