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Best Muscle Building Techniques Anybody Can Use

By Emmanuel Palmer

Tell me something, do you feel good after a good workout session? I stress the word ?after? because one rarely has a smile when he trudges into the hallowed grounds of the fitness center. Even if many times you don?t feel like working out, notice that you feel much better physically when you do. You?re body releases chemicals that make you happy and not only that, you are sharper mentally because of it. How so? Imagine you need to concentrate on executing the drills in the correct form and manner, with the appropriate number of reps and sets?all the while feeling extreme physical discomfort. Weight training programs push you to your limits and the result is a great physique you can be proud of.

Now we know what we?re gunning for (a body worth working hard for), let us proceed to survey the best muscle building workouts that will get you to your goal as quickly possible. There are two weight training philosophies being practiced today: high intensity and periodization training.

High intensity training uses up much of your body?s energy. These are workouts that are short and very physically grueling. A session lasts only 60 to 90 minutes and is done around two to three times a week. As you develop your strength, you will have to increase the number of reps, or preferably the weight loads you are taking on in every set. In this training, you are driving your body beyond its perceived natural endurance; hence it has no choice but to step up and perform according to the standards you set on it. Consequently, you get faster results.

With periodization, your body gets more time to adapt into the physical stress being put on it. You start out with three weeks of light training, followed right after by medium training. After a few more weeks, you then proceed to the more punishing heavy training but by then your body is more prepared to handle it. The focus here is the cumulative instead of per session increases obtained by your body. Periodization ensures three things: that your muscles do not get over trained; that muscle mass and strength is developed over time; and that your body does not get stagnant by staying in one level for too long.

High intensity and periodization regimens both have its advantages and disadvantages. The key is to incorporate both philosophies in a workout that would suit your body the best. A three to four day split workout is the best muscle building strategy for many professional trainers. You hit your training with high intensity without too much volume that might result in over training. Switch up the exercises every so often for best outcome.

You can try some of these exercises to get you started in your fitness goals: For stomach: crunches and leg raises For the back: barbell shrugs, seated rows, deadlifts, hyperextensions, rope pull downs For the chest: flat or incline or decline bench press, dumbbell flyes For the arms: barbell or dumbbell curls, wrist curls, triceps extensions For the legs: squats, lunges, leg presses For the shoulders: dumbbell shoulder press, military press

The best weight training programs to have are those that are difficult because you are pushed to push the envelope of your own physical capabilities. Your health, appearance and strength will benefit from a great workout session. Continue to strive for the next level and you won?t be disappointed.

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