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Basics About Utah Table Tennis

By Sonya Riley

In Utah table tennis is also known as wiff waff or ping pong like in numerous other regions around the globe. This game involves 2 or 4 players who strike the playing ball forth and back utilizing table tennis rackets. Balls are usually lightweight and small in size specifically designed for this game. The sport may be played out-door or indoors on a hard-topped table.

The origin of this game is England during 1880s. At that time it was only played by members of the upper class after dinner. Suggestions have it that the game was originally developed by officers of the British military in either South Africa or India. After the officers developed it, they took it back to their home country. During that time, books were placed at the middle of the playing platform to serve as a net.

This game has experienced a lot of improvements and changes since first invention. As it kept becoming popular, companies began producing equipment for it. The original rackets were parchments stretched over frames. The sound given off by the rackets led to the very first nick-names given to the game, wiff waff and ping pong. Broad recognition of the sport resulted into the establishment of associations in Britain to oversee practices and standards in the sport.

The equipment utilized in playing comprise a playing platform, racket, and ball. Specifications of the playing ball are specified by international laws. It must be a light-weight ball of precisely 2.7 grams with the diameter measuring 40mm. According to international rules, balls should bounce to an altitude of between 24 to 26 centimeters when released from an altitude of 30.5cm on a standardized block of steel. This means that it must have coefficient of restitution lying between 0.89 and 0.92.

The ball is produced from a high bouncing celluloid that is packed with air or plastic materials of same kind. The color may be either white or orange depending on factors like playing platform color and environment. The ball is decorated with stars to show its quality. Three stars indicates best quality and the item may be used for official competitions.

The platform has measurements of 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 30 inches high. The gaming surfaces are evenly colored and partitioned into 2 equal halves using a net with a height of 6 inches. Players bear rackets, which might be wooden on one side or at times both. Commonly utilized wood types in making the rackets include cypress, hinoki, limba, and balsa. The blades must have an average measurement of 6.5 inches.

First serve in the game is usually decided by lot, often a coin toss. Besides the first serve, in the rest of the serves, the ball must be allowed to spring back only once on table. If the ball springs back more than once or goes off the table, serving player gets a point.

Utah table tennis is exercised on professional grounds. The place is full of training facilities in which starters can receive training from individuals who have a lot of experience. Charges for signing up or registering in a training center are affordable and very friendly.

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